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The First Sustainable Investment Forum of Panama will take place from March 28 to 30, 2023, and is coordinated by PROPANAMA, the National Authority for Investment Attraction and Export Promotion. 

This forum will be developed as part of EXPOCOMER, the largest trade show in the region, and will be geared toward promoting Panama as the Sustainable Investment Hub in the area. It will seek to draw investments with social impact that result in the transfer of knowledge and technology, which the country seeks to promote diversification and strengthen the productive sectors of the Panamanian economy.

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With the strongest connectivity in the region, a cutting-edge digital infrastructure, ongoing human resource development, and a reinforced legal system that promotes and safeguards information privacy, Panama is quickly becoming the region's digital hub.


Panama, which has the largest wind farm in the region and an energy system that is 80% built of renewable resources, is a leader in the region's transition to cleaner energy because to its eco-culture and technological innovation


With a monetary system that offers macroeconomic stability, open and integrated to the world with a robust and transparent international banking center, Panama offers many opportunities in the financial sector.


New infrastructure projects guarantee fascinating returns on foreign direct investment since they are supported by progressive regulatory frameworks and experienced continuous expansion.


As the largest port city in Latin America and the region, Panama is known as the logistics hub of the area. Through the Hub of the Americas, it provides direct access to more than 1,900 ports around the world as well as more than 35 direct destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Without a doubt, Panama is the best location for nearshoring in Latin America and the Caribbean since it provides a great point of access to both the region's other countries as well as the largest market in the world, the United States. Your regional operations will succeed thanks to our logistics platform, unique policies, and connectivity with the entire continent.


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